Feggera Restaurant

The name is a play on words of the greek word for moon (Feggari) and the italian word “vegghera” that translates to a evening family visit to a relative’s or friend’s house that turns into a small intimate celebration. These gatherings were especially popular in the small villages of the Cycladic islands and were a cornerstone to the consistency of these small societies. As the name suggests every visit to the restaurant “Feggera” is a small celebration of the Greek flavors, showered in the summer moonlight.

On the terrace of an old mansion, in the heart of the traditional settlement of Megalochori, we created the “Feggera” Restaurant. The intimate atmosphere and the view from our terrace, combined with the original flavors of the Aegean Sea provides an enchanting experience to our patrons.

Feggera restaurant is a participating in the Aegean Cuisine initiative and gracefully combines the organic products of Crete with the products of the arid land of Santorini to create traditional Santorinian recipes.

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